Our producer: Ziad Ahmed

Ahmed Ziad, born November 15, 1960, is a Moroccan American film director, producer and screenwriter. Ziad is known for his dual-cultural background, a fact responsible for his success in offsetting cultural barriers and achieving international recognition. Ziad's most notable film is Real Premonition (2007), an action film that was shot in Tampa Bay, FL, USA, and in Rabat, Morocco. Written produced and directed by him, this film gathered actors from more than 36 nationalities, making it a notable international work. This movie has been rated as one of the first independent Moroccan action movies and has been recognized by Alexandria International film Festival as one of the best films produced in Morocco.


"We recognize Ziad among our best directors who represented Florida in the world of cinematography."



"I can define Zod International Productions in one word: Professionalism."

- Mohammed Malih


"Ziad have succeded to merge between the Moroccan and the American cinematography in his own way."

- TV5 Monde

Our Company

Zod Films International is a film production company headquartered in both Saint Petersburg, Florida and in Casablanca, Morocco. Fonded in 2004 by Ahmed Ziad, this company have ever since been representing Tampa Bay in specific and the state of Florida in general all in the vast world of cinematography. Our company has a substitute in the country of Morocco, a fact which has enabled us to cross the cultural bridge and bring Moroccan and American filmmakers onto an international perspective.